ONE-TIME Facebook Ad Campaign And Messenger Bot Setup

20,000 13,000

Do You Want Me And My Team To Personally Setup Your Facebook Ad Campaign? So You Can Skip The Learning Curve And Start Generating Results?

I understand that learning new knowledge and skills takes some time. And some people prefer to pay an expert to do the setup for them initially and then study it later on.

This is what my One-Time Facebook Ad Campaign Setup is all about. For 7-Days, I and My Team will set up your Facebook Ad Campaign implementing my 10-Pillar System:

  1. We will create and design your attention-grabbing image or video
  2. We will compose your compelling ad copy
  3. We will structure your irresistible offer
  4. We will set up your campaign structure using the right objective
  5. We will implement my laser focus targeting
  6. We will setup 1 Campaign with 3 adsets and each adsets will have 3 ads for the testing phase
  7. We will design you a working sales funnel
  8. And many more…

We will do this for 7 Days and handover the campaign to you once the setup is done and the campaign is actively running.

We will give you clear and simple instructions on what to do next once we hand it over to you.

This service alone cost Php 20k for my clients. But today, you can avail of it for only Php 12,000.