What You Will Get:

  1. My Successful Case Study On How I Helped a PT Doctor With 19 Clinics in the Philippines Generate 2,705% ROI for His Business
  2. Me And My Team Will Setup This Case Study For You (Facebook Ads And Messenger Bot) Within 7 Days
  3. Free One-on-One 30-Minute Mentoring Call With Me or My Team


In These Case Studies:

You Will Discover What Campaign Objective We Used

You Will Discover How Much Your Starting Budget Should Be To Avoid Expensive Ads

You WIll Discover The Right Targeting To Use

You Will Discover The Right Placement To Use

You Will Discover The Right Image or Video To Use

You Can Copy The Same Ad Copy We Use

You Can Also Copy The Sales Funnel We Used

You Can Also Copy The Messenger Script We Used

You Can Also Copy The Messenger Template We Used

And Many More…


Here Are Just Some of The People We Have Helped Using These Case Studies:


This client of mine, who’s a PT doctor and owns 19 clinics in the Philippines paid me Php 50,000 to convert his Php 10k advertising budget into Php 280,500+ income for his clinics.
That’s 2,705% ROI or Return on Investment. That means, I was able to grow his Php 10k pesos investment 27 times! In less than 1 month (This doesn’t include other income and future income that comes with it)
And here’s what I have discovered, Doc Ron had tried several Facebook Ads Experts even before enrolling in my mentoring program and according to him, “I was not satisfied with their results…”
.Clearly, the doctor is really hard to please.
Now imagine this…
What If I can show you the strategies that can help you grow your business 3x, 5x, 10x, or even 27x more with lesser ad spend?
What if I can show you the skills that allowed me to command a consulting service fee of 50k, 100k, 300k, or even 500k per month?
and what If I can show you my secrets that allowed me to run Profitable Marketing Campaigns in ANY Businesses or Industries which made me known here in the Philippines as The Multi-Industry Business Growth Strategists.